Root Canal
Therapy/Endodontic Care

Root Canal Therapy/Endodontic Care
Dr. Akbar comes to our office each month from Vancouver BC, where he serves as a clinical Associate Professor at UBC instructing endodontics to Dental Students. This saves our Patients the inconvenience of traveling to get specialized root canal treatment.
An Endodontist is a dentist who specializes in root canal treatment. In addition to dental school, those who choose to specialize in endodontics attend another two to three years of schooling in the field. All dentists are trained on how to diagnose and treat pulp related issues, but when teeth are exceptionally difficult to treat, patients are referred to an Endodontist. Our endodontists, Dr. Akbar Khaiat is able to perform difficult and very complex root canal procedures, including endodontic surgery and treatment of traumatic dental injuries.
Root Canal Therapy
A root canal is a small channel inside your tooth that provides the tooth with nutrients. If it becomes inflamed due to injury or infection, you will experience pain & may even lose the tooth. At Peak Family Dental Centre, we can remedy the problem & restore the damaged tooth. Nowadays, thanks to modern dental advances & technology, root canals are relatively pain-free. Think of a root canal procedure as life-saving first aid for your tooth. Don’t suffer needlessly from a toothache! Call us today for an appointment.
Endodontic Care
Put simply, endodontic care is the term for the treatments & procedures a dentist will use to save a tooth if it becomes infected or injured. Endodontics involves treating the tissues inside your teeth that surround the root & includes root canal therapy.